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Why We Never Go HPP

But what exactly is HPP, you may ask? 


HPP - or High-Pressure Pascalisation, is a form of pasteurisation that utiises high pressure to reduce the microbial content in juice (even wiping out all of the probiotics!)

Though it can reduce potentially harmful pathogens lurking in the liquid, all of the beautiful nutrienst which are also packed in there are destroyed too. 

Any HPP Processed cold-pressed juice is not allowed to officially be referred to as fresh, so keep your eyes peeled!


The most nutricious and importantly delicious juice must come directly from the raw, natural and organic source. Did you know shots are heated when they are HPP processed, therefore drastically altering their nutritional profile. 

As many nutrients are not shelf-stable, extending the lifespan of juices beyond three days wipes out many of the benefits the shots would have given naturally. The longer juice is allowed to sit, the more degradation to the antioxidants, enzymes and vitamins nutritional value occurs. So you're missing out on what makes a shot so inherently great!


Some companies choose to lie to their customers by claiming that HPP preserves or locks in the nutrients but this simply isn't true. 


In order to HPP process juices, the more acidic they need to be. In turn, this means that the formulation in many of our incredible shots you love so much would have to be changed. Additionally, HPP Processed shots will experience a flavour change over time, and this alas is not a change for the better. 

The reality is the longer a juice which may be considered still technically "good" to drink sits... the worse it will taste. Period. 


So ultimately there are as many reasons to avoid HPP processed juices as there are to drink them. Cold-pressed they are, however raw, fresh, and nutrient-dense, they are no. 


Now that you know the science behind our shots, we're confident you'll choose wisely!

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