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Our Story 


Veggieberg, a wellness-focused and plant-based company was founded by Sylwia. 


After discovering her passion for making fresh ginger shots for her friends and family for many years, she decided to embark on a quest to learn more about the mechanics behind human health, discovering that food played a vital role in how we feel each day. 


Studying hard, she was determined to discover more behind what we consume and it's link to how we look and feel. 


Her goal was to remove the stigma surrounding "healthy eating," encouraging people to try something new and think outside the box. 


Veggieberg was born out of Sylwia's simple ideology - a healthy mind and heart comes from investing in healthy food. 


Sylwia created and developed our brand's unique taste, initially by attending farmer's markets and acting as a supplier to a few local organic shops. It was in this moment, that our beautiful journey truly began, our range of flavours expanded and we began to provide for many more shops, cafes and local businesses. 


The online store was launched soon after which gave both quick access and fast delivery to our range of products.


In August 2021, we had the fantastic opportunity to begin sealing our products in a new organic shop "Manor Springs" in Chiswick, so you can imagine our excitement. 


All daily made from start to finish using only the finest ingredients -  we specialise in producing ginger shots of the most raw yet delicate quality.


We believe that investing in your body and giving it the fuel it needs to be fully functional is essential to see true growth, so with our guidance, we can hopefully inspire you to have the dedication and determination to take charge of your health. 


Now that you know all about us, we are confident you will choose and love our product. 

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